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> sign the class action suit click here
The purpose of this lawsuit is to reverse the Supreme Court precedent that led Congress to believe they had the right to pass Obamacare. Since FDR packed the court with "progressive" judges, the Supreme Court has repeatedly erred in its interpretation of the Constitutional role of the Federal Government. Recent Supreme Court rulings hint that they may be willing to take another look at the precedent relating to the Commerce and General Welfare clauses.

> Obama LIED. Children with pre-existing conditions are not covered until 2014! (click here)



> email the WHITE HOUSE (click here)

> The Senate bill the House is trying to pass (click here for full bill)

> US Chamber of Commerce summary of opposition to Senate bill (click here)

> How bill addresses illegal immigration (Section 1411) (click here). One point: Senate bill raises an additional issue in that it gives low income legal immigrants the ability to receive taxpayer subsidies so they can choose which health insurance they
want, while similarly situated American citizens are denied this choice and are instead forced to enroll in Medicaid.

> KEY POINTS SUMMARY -click here

> Full Bill Summary - click here

> Brief Summary of Senate Bill - click here

> Click here for Operation Urgent Care from National TEA organizers

> Summary: Current House and Senate Bills - click here

> See how Congress voted on two major entitlement programs (SS and Medicare) .. truly bi-partisan! (clikc here)


READ THE FULL HR 3590 SENATE BILL: Click Here. This is a .pdf so you can search words on it. (2.075 pages)

> If you havent' done so , create an email mailing list so you can quickly forward information.

> Interactive comparision chart of all bills

> Free Market system works! Remeber the days before $4 prescriptions?

> Another Free Market example: Patient with some "skin in the game," with a HSA. $800 vs. $2400 for a shoulder MRI. When's the last time YOU shopped for the best price?

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> Timeline of Healthcare Implementation (click here)

> "20 Ways Obamacare Will Take Away Our Freedom" - click here for full article

> Obama to sign Abortion Executive Order privately behind closed doors click here

> Any President can overturn an Executive Order ... it is a worthless piece of paper. (click here)

> Attorney General: Executive Order effective only until another president overturns (click here)



UPDATE: 3/14 (click here)
UPDATE 3/12 (click here)


> New Rasmussen polls finds fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters say the health care reform plan now working its way through Congress will hurt the U.S. economy.

> Two-out-of-three voters (66%) also believe the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats is likely to increase the federal deficit

> Eighty-one percent (81%) believe it is at least somewhat likely that the health care reform plan will cost more than official estimates

click here for full polling article

Contact ALL key reps. Here's the deal. This is NO LONGER just about REPRESENTING your constiutency. Its about ALL OF US. Note the key votes for both Social Security and Medicare which were TRULY bi-partisan. (click here)

WE ARE OUT OF MONEY! It's now estimated that only 50% of us pay taxes. (click here)


> New taxes from the bill. Click here

> Cost of bill concerns China. China already owns 1/3 of our debt. Click here for article.
the passing of the current bill by Congress is a negative for the US dollar and may trigger a re-evaluation of Chinese US Treasury purchases."

> Additional Medicaid burden on already strapped state funds. "Despite the Medicaid expansion at the center of both the House and Senate bills, neither chamber takes aim at the underlying funding flaws of the program, which is bankrolled by a combination of state and federal money." Click here for full story.

> Illinois is one of the states identified by PEW research in "fiscal peril" and on the same path as California. Click here for full PEW report. How will we pay for this additional burden?

> Reminder: California is now withholding an additional 10% from people's paychecks as "a loan." They have paid vendors, employees, and suppliers with IOUs. Try buying a gallon of milk with an IOU.

> CA is the most-populous state, and the eighth biggest economy in the world. The federal government refused to provide a $7 billion federal loan guarantee to pay its bills. And they now want to spend ANOTHER $900 billion on this bill?

> The government will start taking tax money beginning 2010 even though "Free Healthcare for 94% of all Americans" doesn't go into effect until 2014. Another "discrepancy" is that they will be collecting your tax money for the first four years, and it's being averaged over 10 years.  If you look at the actual cost from 2014 to 2024 - CBO numbers are $2.5 Trillion!! - That's $2,500,000,000,000.00

> This bill will cover 94% of all Americans. Currently, 85% have health insurance. So, we are spending $1 trillion to cover roughly 1/2 of the currently uninsured. Click here for article.

> What is the ACTUAL BREAKDOWN of the UNINSURED? Here's a great explanation. Click here.




Click here for details of what the alternatives could have provided!

> HR Bill 3400: The ‘Empowering Patients First Act’ addresses portability, pre-existing conditions and tort reform and provides for incentives to encourage health insurance coverage.

> H.R. 502, the Health Care Freedom of Choice Act - authorizes a dollar for dollar tax deduction for medical expenses without the present gross income percentage limitation.  

>  H.R. 1470, the Equity for Our Nation's Self-Employed Act of 2009 - allows the self-employed to purchase health care insurance prior to paying their payroll taxes.  This would effectively reduce their health care costs immediately by more than 15 percent. 

>  H.R. 2360, the SHOP Act - permits the creation of Association Health Plans (AHPs) to allow small businesses to pool together through national associations.  This bipartisan bill gives small businesses the same purchasing power as large companies and labor unions to buy affordable health insurance for themselves and their employees.  When Republicans controlled the House, AHPs passed several times, but the Senate Democrats prevented these bills from moving forward.  If just this bill passed, millions of Americans would be able to greatly reduce their health insurance premiums through massive purchasing pools. 

>  H.R. 1763, the Responsible Reinvestment Act of 2009 - allows deductions from self-employment income for health insurance and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

> H.R. 1086, the HEALTH Act of 2009 - compensates victims for medical injuries but places a reasonable cap on punitive and non-economic damages that often inflate the awards and contribute to out-of-control medical liability and health care costs.  As with AHPs, bills like this passed the Republican House several times, but were frustrated by Senate Democrats. 

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