How I got Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is now one of the most popular apps in the world . It has overtaken Tinder and will soon pass Twitter as well in the amount of daily users active . This is an incredible feat for a Mobile Gaming Application and these are exciting news for the future. Because of this game’s success, there will surely be much more interest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games in the future .


What makes Pokemon Go so popular ?

First of all, the game is based off the Pokemon franchise, which has a massive following to begin with . There however are lots of other Pokemon games out there that aren’t even close to the success that is Pokemon Go . The unique feature of Pokemon Go is the Augmented Reality . This means that players have to catch pokemons in the real world which simulates the anime . This is very exciting for both Pokemon Fans and normal Gamers, as it is something unique and fun .

What are the cons of Pokemon Go ?

No successful game is without sin . The main issues at the moment with Pokemon Go are the server stability issues and the Pay to Win Pokecoins currency . There is nothing that we can do about the server issues but there are ways to get Free Pokecoins . The best way to get Pokecoins for free is by using a Pokemon Go Hack, these are very easy to find online . There are already dozens of them on the internet, you just have to search a bit for them .

How does Pokemon Go work ?

The simplest way to figure out how Pokemon Go works is this : The game uses your mobile device’s GPS and Clock in order to determine where and when you are in the game . This allows the game to create random pokemons near you that you can catch . The more you move around, the more Pokemon you may encounter . The type of the pokemon that appears near you is based on where and when you are .

If you want to get Free Pokecoins in this very addicting game, then you should try and get them as fast as possible . Pokemon Go Hacks get patched up very fast which means that you have to be very fast as well .