How to use your Pokemon Go coins

What you can do with the coins ?

Pokémon Go is the most widely played game by most of the game lovers in the present days through online. Basically, this is the location based mobile game and so you can enjoy this interesting game play whenever you want.  This game is also offered over the online app store for free of cost and therefore, anyone can download and install the game as they like. Of course, this game is also featured with the two most interesting measures that are used for buying the variety of the things in the game. In that manner, the pokecoins and the poke balls are those essential factors and they can also be gained through the internet in the easiest manner. Particularly, the having free pokecoins on your gaming account can help you to buy the variety of the things on the game. Let’s see the things that you can buy through the coins.

Things you can buy using the pokecoins

If you are newbie to play the Pokémon go game, you just need to know all the basic things about the game. As the way, the pokecoins are the important feature or the bonus of the players and it can be gained through online whenever you want. With the help of the pokecoins, it is possible to buy the variety of the things and they are listed as follows.

  • Poke balls- By using the pokecoins, you can bale to poke balls for the game play. As the way, you can buy 20 poke balls for 100 coins, 200 poke balls for 800 coins
  • Incense- Incense is one of the resources of this Pokémon go game and you can buy it using the coins. By using 80 coins, you can buy single incense and 25 incenses for 1250 coins.

free pokecoins

Other things you can buy using the coins in the Pokémon go

Apart from the balls and incenses, it is also possible to buy some other things in the game as you want and those things are listed as follows.

  • Lucky egg- This feature is also available on this game and you can buy it using the coins. As the way, you can buy a lucky egg for 80 coins. If you spend 12t50 coins, you can get 25 lucky eggs.
  • Egg incubator- This feature is offered on the game for protecting the eggs from the damages, if you have spent 150 coins, this feature can last for three uses.
  • Pokémon storage upgrade- Using 200 coins, you can increase the carrying ability of the Pokémon.
  • Lure module- It is also offered for the layers for getting the excellent game play. You can buy one lure module by spending 100 coins.

In this way, all these kinds of the resources can be easily bought through the free pokecoins in this game and therefore, you can use it for getting these features.  If you are really interested to get these coins for enjoying the exciting game play, you can surf the internet.