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naperville tea patriots masthead


Labor Day Parade Banner

Leading the Group ... out in front


Labor Day Parade Group Gathering

Waiting for "step-off"


Labor Day Parade Large Flag

It took 6 Patriots to carry the HUGE American flag


2011 Naperville Labor Day Parade


We give a big thank you to all the fabulous TEA party patriots who marched with us in the Labor Day parade.

We estimated about 40 -50 Patriots in our entry, which was filled with color, red, white and blue, bright yellow Gadsden flags and American flags raised with pride and respect.

Viewers enjoyed seeing us march by and received our candy, stickers and bookmarks eagerly. We were welcomed with cheers, applause, and a lot of "thumbs up."

Our little blue convertible blasted "Proud to be an American" and "Born in the USA" among a long list of great patriotic songs. All in all it was a wonderful day.

Imagine our surprise when one of our Patriots sent us a link to an article in the Daily Herald written by Madhu Krishnamurthy, and saw the reference to our entry as:

"While most floats promoted businesses or local government and their services, some groups used the opportunity to make political statements such as the practitioners of Falun Dafa, a traditional Chinese meditation exercise banned in China, promoting tolerance, and the followers of the tea party movement giving anti-abortion shout outs."

>click here to read the full article

There were several comments posted to this article, including the following:
the followers of the tea party movement giving anti-abortion shout outs. ^^^ Say what?
I was with the Naperville Tea Party group - no one said anything about abortions - nor anything else controversial - I heard comments like "God bless America." I also heard comments about free markets and the constitution.
Your "reporter", Madhu Krishnamurthy, needs to go back to journalism school and take a refresher course on Accuracy in Reporting! I also was with Naperville Tea Patriots during the entire parade. I did not hear a single comment having anything to do with abortion! It's bizarre that the one statement your reporter inserts about the tea party in this story is so glaringly untrue!
Is the Daily Herald's more interested in creating the news, rather than reporting the truth? What about the heckler, Madhu? He followed the Tea Party participants along the parade route, in front of children, yelling profane names, trying to stir up problems in the crowds and with the marchers. Everyone ignored him, and happily enjoyed the parade, with lots of applause and cheers. Somehow this "ace" reporter missed all of that, or oops, that wasn't the news the establishment wanted reported.


I was at the entire parade as a spectator and I did not hear any comments about abortion (for or against) from anyone in the parade or viewing the parade. It was a very nice, pleasant parade with no controversy introduced by anyone. It's a shame this reporter has to inject their own.
Tea Party types- do NOT feel obligated to respond to this moron reporter. my wife and I were there with our daughter. It was a great parade: the floats were good, the candy was delicious, the weather was pretty solid; all-in-all, it was a great time. Anyone who saw the pageantry yesterday and wants to criticize anyone in the parade needs to have their head examined. Madhu is way out of line here.
I'm a Naperville Central fan myself, but I'd even extend a handshake "across the aisle" and tell Neuqua Valley fans that their band was fantastic! And the gymnastics kids- you guys were great! And Magical Starlight theater, I think we're going to come see Winnie the Pooh- it looks fun! And how can we forget the Safety Town big wheels!!!


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See photos to left ... and send any that you might have to naperteapatriots@yahoo.com!




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